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WP 77 A Foggy Night

Friday nights weather event of low fog sitting over Brisbane and Wellington Point. It was thick, it was eerie and it was awesome. Morning rain and storms hit Brisbane and much of South-East QLD during Friday morning which allowed for low level moisture to linger for much of the day as it became trapped under thick cloud and wasn’t allowed to evaporate. As the day progressed, the sun struggled to peak through and this allowed the second chain in the process to occur and that was cold temperatures. Brisbane experienced its coldest day in 3 years yesterday and it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t cold in reality… for the region, it was. The increased moisture caused by showers in the atmosphere allowed for the third chain in the process to occur and thats where the increased moisture mixing with cooler temperatures and surface humidity allows clouds to descend and act as fog. www.google.com.au/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=Q1JhWcChKq_M8geSoq0g&...

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