NSW Road Trip April 2017 - Beth Wode Photography
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HH 01 Hat Head

Hat Head blew me away with its beauty. The beach has a little creek leading out to the ocean. The water of the creek is stained from the tea trees and the colours are superb. To the right of this image is the pristine beach with surf. Its the perfect spot for a family holiday. The creek is wonderful for fishing and for the kids to swim in and the surf is great for swimming surfing and fishing. Its a tiny place with really only a caravan park and a few houses and a shop.

Tea trees are endemic to south eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales. There, they can be found in abundance along the shores of fresh water lakes where they stain the water a rich brown tint from the tannins produced in their leaves. So revered was the anti-bacterial potency or ‘protective’ quality of the plants that the tea tree lakes were reserved for women only and were sacred places used for child birthing ceremonies

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