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The EPSON International Pano Awards - 2016

Testimonial from renowned US Romance Author, Diana Palmer - June 18, 2015


I recently received this lovely comment from world renowned US romance novelist Diana Palmer. She has written over 150 books so I was so thrilled that she took the time to look and comment on my work.

Diana said, “I was a newspaper reporter for 16 years and I covered all sorts of media exhibits including photography. I went through every single photo in your Flickr roll. These shots are all magnificent. It was truly a privilege to view them. You are such a talented person and have genius in your work.”



Featured in the "Falling back to earth" exhibition in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art - 2014

NSI 22 Brown Lake

NSI 22 Brown Lake

This image of Brown Lake was used as the inspiration for Cai Guo-Qiang's "Falling back to Earth" exhibition at Queenslands Gallery of Modern Art recently. I was honoured to be involved if only in such a small way. My image is on page 86 of the table book that accompanied this incredible exhibition.

Testimonial from renowned Australian author, Margaret Way - April 10, 2014


I was absolutely thrilled to received this testimonial today from world renowned romance novelist Margaret Way. She has written over 140 books and is now in the middle of self publishing.




“As a long established author of romantic fiction I’ve always been kept busy meeting strict deadlines but I was delighted to take time out to write a testimonial for gifted Redlands photographer, Beth Wode. Beth first came to my attention through her 2013 calendar, featuring sunrises and sunsets in our beautiful part of the world. Anyone fortunate enough to have some of Beth’s work adorning their walls, as I do, will appreciate her ability to look into the very essence of her subject matter, affording the rest of us the benefit of her visual experiences without getting up at the crack of dawn or getting soaked in a storm. To me Beth’s photographs reveal not only an artistic eye but a sensitive soul. Already her body of work is substantial, testament to her strong work ethic and her artistic integrity. I am sure this talented photographer will go from strength to strength.”


November, 2013


In 2013 the Redland Museum in Cleveland presented the exhibition ‘My Tribute to the Redlands’ by Beth Wode. This landscape photographer’s collection of images depicted her love of the picturesque, relaxing seaside atmosphere of the Redlands. From the exhibition the Redland City Council honoured Beth by selecting one of her works to present to a visiting Far East Delegation. Over two months the exhibition attracted many visitors, their enthusiasm reflected in these few comments from the exhibition visitors book. ‘You’ve captured the feel of the place beautifully’ ‘Epitomises the Redlands – perfect – well done’ ‘Remarkable colours – brilliant photography’ ‘Great photographic record of the beautiful Redlands’ It was a privilege to present this exhibition of Beth’s work.


Rick Thomason

Exhibitions Officer Redland Museum Inc.



Extract from the Redland City Bulletin - October 2013

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